Monday, April 01, 2013

today is happy

Monday, April 01, 2013

Today is happy because yesterday was Easter, one of my favorite holidays. We had a pretty great Easter weekend. On Saturday fiancé and I got our wedding invitations all designed and ordered { can't wait to see the proofs! } and then we dyed some eggs with one of our favorite couples. Sadly, I completely spaced it on documenting our festivities, so I have zero pictures of our cute eggs. On Easter Sunday we went to church as usual and then I baked dessert for a family dinner we had that evening. I made homemade oreos - one batch chocolate, and one batch red velvet { also forgot to take any pictures of these }. We had Easter dinner at Andrew & Lauren's with a few of the future cousins in law. There was delicious food, good company, and overall it was quite a good night. Below is just a short Easter message I love. You can find more here.

Today is happy because it's April, one of my favorite months. Spring is here and the sunshine and flowers are finally beginning to show their faces.

Today is happy because this upcoming weekend is General Conference, which is always a highly anticipated and wonderful event in the Siddoway home. This upcoming weekend there is also a baby shower for one of my cousins, and it's sure to be a darling event.

Today is happy because the date April 1 means that we get married in just two more months.
Can't wait to spend forever with this guy

I hope today is happy for you too.

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