Monday, November 18, 2013

grammar for the win

Monday, November 18, 2013

Sometimes in an effort to be a good wife, avoid the need to cringe when looking at your bank statement, and prove to your husband that it is in fact possible, you go on a shopping fast. 
And sometimes you go on this fast for the whole school year until you graduate in April.
{ with the exception of Christmas of course! }

Sometimes you are very tempted to break your shopping fast because of all the wonderful clothes you see online and at the mall while that husband of yours is buying things. But you never let yourself slip, because you are, after all, perfectly capable of showing some self restraint and sticking to your goals.

And sometimes, that husband of yours needs help editing a big paper because, while he is much better at all things math and finance, you are far superior at things like English and editing. I mean you did consider an English major for about a day and a half during your freshman year.

Sometimes while editing, your husband tries to argue grammar rules { like how to use a colon correctly } with you and even goes so far as to bet that you are wrong. So you calmly tell him that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are right, he is wrong, you are better at grammar, and that you bet him an adorable pair of ankle boots that you know what you're talking about. He then proceeds to look up grammar rules and discover you, his lovely and intelligent wife, are absolutely right. So he buys you the ankle boots he owes you, even if he despises ankle boots.

And that is how grammar can be a wonderful thing and you can get a new pair of shoes without breaking your shopping fast. 

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