Tuesday, February 12, 2013

fresh face in five

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

No one likes to leave the house looking or feeling anything less than their best. For me, leaving my house looking my best doesn't necessarily mean I've spent an hour doing my make-up. I've perfected my daily routine into an easy five-step process that takes maybe ten minutes each morning.

tinted moisturizer .  face powder .  neutral shimmer powder .  liquid liner .  voluminous mascara
I buy most of my makeup at Sephora but I have had success buying drug store makeup too (see L'Oreal mascara above).  

  1. I start with a clean face and apply tinted moisturizer all over. I like this clinique one because it's a nice hydrating lotion with SPF, and it blends in and evens out red spots. 
  2. I apply powder all over to set in the moisturizer. The bareMinerals matte finish is great because there isn't any shimmer and it's really light-weight. It never looks caked on.
  3. Next I add a neutral powder or cream shadow (applied just on the lid) to lighten up my eyes. The Urban Decay pressed powder line has a really pretty shimmer to it.
  4. I usually keep my eyeliner pretty thin and just on the top lid. Sometimes I like to do a cat eye, but if I need to be quick I stick to just the water line.
  5. I end my routine with a quick eyelash curl and two coats of mascara. This L'Oreal mascara is my favorite kind because it goes on even and doesn't clump.

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